Saturday, October 25, 2008

Strange Day

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Today started out simple, took a drive and went to Michael's craft store, my wife was in need of a few things, was a very pretty afternoon for a drive after the rain stopped. While on our way home my son told us there was a horse at the drive through window of McDonald's? HHMM might be worth a second look, so we drove in the Walmart parking lot and sure enough there was a man on a horse collecting his food at McDonald's drive through window! Sorry about the picture all I had with me was my phone. My next thought was if the horse left them a surprise near the drive through window it may deter a few patrons, I know if I saw a pile of manure in front of the drive through I would question wether someone was upset with the place and dumped it there. I would never guess anyone actually rode a horse there.

Used Cat

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1 gently used cat, sleeps and eats mostly, seldom plays since that interferes with the sleep and eating.

She looked at me as if she knew what I was thinking when I took the picture, some times I wonder if they know more than they are given credit for.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Holiday Health Hazards

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As the Holiday season approaches don't forget about our furry friends. sometimes we overlook things that could harm our pets.

Tinsel, Ribbon and other Pretty Things

Ribbons, wrapping paper, ornaments, tinsel, extension cords and gifts may be appealing "chew toys" that may make your pet sick.

Decorative Lights

Decorative lights are another attraction for pets to chew on. Both indoor and outdoor lights should be carefully examined to ensure safety for your household pets. Electrical shock may occur from defective cords as well as from pets chewing on cords. Check cords for any signs of bite marks, loose or frayed wires.
It may be difficult to curb your pet's fascination with all those pretty decorations. Child gates can be used across doorways to keep your pet away from the Christmas tree and decorations at times they cannot be watched.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


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I ran across this in the news and I had to put it in here,

Venomous snake in classroom bites 2 students
Cottonmouth was misidentified in science class, Big Sandy superintendent says
The snake was one of several wild animals that students had taken in to the high school biology lab this school year, Beene said. The teacher, believing it to be nonvenomous, kept it in a cage in the lab.MORE.........

I am glad all we have seen is harmless black snakes.

This is how I feel today just ready for the weekend to get here.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weird Wednesday

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Today we had to fish a wire for the HVAC contractor in the old farmhouse in a rather difficult area. It involved tearing some baseboard down and such, one thing about doing work in old house's is you never know what you will find when you open an area of the house nobody has been in many years.

We found two mice that were all dried up the kitty cat didn't get these guys.

We are almost ready to start pulling some wire at the old farmhouse. They have finally got most of our ditch back filled. The trench is about 195 feet long and has a total of 9 conduits running in it so we have our work cut out for us pulling wire. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the cold weather that approaches.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Electrical Panel Layout

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This is something new we ran across at work by RnD Products . It is meant to layout your panel when you need to make multiple knockouts for conduit. this is a great idea compared to the old way I have always done it, such as search the job site for a piece of cardboard. They also have some other great things on the website too. By the way our company did buy one too.

The PANEL BOARD Layout Tool

Monday, October 20, 2008

More of the Snake

Posted on/at 8:33 PM by Sparky

Here is a video of the snake from the other day, he was moving sort of slow because it was cool in this basement. It amazes me of how well they can scale a wall the way they do.This one was not afraid of us at all, I will try and take them to safety if I am on a job site like this so they don't get killed or hurt due to the fact that if there is a black snake around chances are there are no copperheads in the area.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Browser Poll

Posted on/at 7:05 PM by Sparky

Over the weekend I was working on my blog page and the FEEDJIT page got my attention. I noticed that out of about 30 visitors the other night 28 were using FireFox and 2 were using Internet explorer. I myself am an avid Linux user, My laptop still has XP for the time being. So I got to thinking I would create this poll for my own interest to see for myself how many people actually use FireFox over IE, I know most people are still using Microsoft products :-( oh well sucks to be you. Before you ask why I said that I will tell you that over the last 6 months I have fixed 3 computers for co-workers and friends that were infected with malware and or virus's yet I can sit here and surf away 99% safer than any windows machine. So take a moment and answer the poll please. Before anyone goes bashing Linux remember if you are using Firefox you are using Open source software so maybe you should give Linux a try. Thats my desktop in the picture thats why I love Linux so much 4 desktops on a cube.