Saturday, September 27, 2008

Working On the Service

Posted on/at 9:26 PM by Sparky

This is the trench for the new service, it goes way down beyond that pole you can see, most all those buildings in the background need to be re fed at one point all by means of more trenching.There is also a stone wall near that pole that they had to dig under you can see part of the hole, there is a lot of work going into this house. the pool isn't even going to start until march of next year.I am beginning to think this job will never get to a point where I feel we actually got something accomplished. Guess I shouldn't complain this is job security here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

New Service

Posted on/at 5:39 PM by Sparky

Today we started running conduit throughout the basement to feed the new sub panels, it was a big job getting through a wall next to a door considering its an old stone house and the wall was every bit of 24" thick.Building This service makes me think of a motel because of the indoor pool and all the equipment they have.This house sure is a far cry from the cookie cutter homes in some of the nearby developments where they get the bare code requirements and no upgrades.

Now all we need to do is finish up these runs and get the CT cabinet so we can go to work on the service. I am not looking forward to the wire pulls to this point considering they are about 180' and there are three of them but i guess by the time we do the last one it will go easy since we had two others to practice on.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ohm's law Formula wheel

Posted on/at 4:51 PM by Sparky

Ohm's law Formula wheel

Ohm's Law defines the relationships between (P) power, (E) voltage, (I) current, and (R) resistance. One ohm is the resistance value through which one volt will maintain a current of one ampere.

( I ) Current is what flows on a wire or conductor like water flowing down a river. Current flows from negative to positive on the surface of a conductor. Current is measured in (A) amperes or amps.

( E ) Voltage is the difference in electrical potential between two points in a circuit. It's the push or pressure behind current flow through a circuit, and is measured in (V) volts.

( R ) Resistance determines how much current will flow through a component. Resistors are used to control voltage and current levels. A very high resistance allows a small amount of current to flow. A very low resistance allows a large amount of current to flow. Resistance is measured in ohms.

( P ) Power is the amount of current times the voltage level at a given point measured in wattage or watts.

Resistor memory aid

Bad = black =0
Boys = brown = 1
R@#$ = red = 2
Our = orange = 3
Young = yellow = 4
Girls = green = 5
But = blue = 6
Violet = violet/purple = 7
Gives = gray = 8
Willingly = white = 9

use you imagination for R@#$

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Service

Posted on/at 5:26 PM by Sparky

Today we started getting ready to build the new service at the old farmhouse.This is where the new service will be built but first we will have to dismantle this old service so we can replace all of it. we will have to feed this temporarily while we do the other work.

They started digging the trench today so tomorrow we are going after the Ct cabinet and meter so we can start getting all our conduits run. This is going to be a lot of work.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Renewed attic

Posted on/at 6:29 PM by Sparky

We started rewiring the old attic in the farmhouse, it had the old cloth wire with no ground in it, this attic is going to be home to three new air handlers soon so we had to bring everything up to code. along with doing so we opted to use EMT since we had so many circuits to run down this attic, its 140 feet by the way in an L shape. Now all we have to do is finish tearing out all the old wire (note old keyless hanging there still) and prep for the air handlers.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Code Violation

Posted on/at 7:32 PM by Sparky

I recently did a walk through on a job someone else wired and was surprised at some of the things i saw. Now i know nobody is perfect but this is a clear violation here, we use the same staples as this and it clearly says for use with 1 or 2, 12-2 or 14-2 wires not 3. To top it off this place passed its inspection.

Here is another in the same building, this wire was a little less than 3/4" from the outside of the 2x4 . I guess someone wasn't paying attention when they inspected this place.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Don't try this at home

Posted on/at 10:33 AM by Sparky

Well they always say that on TV and it just kind of fit here.
This picture about says it all, we all have bad days at work but can you imagine dragging yourself our of bed knowing this is what you have to look forward to? I would have a real hard time getting myself to go to work knowing that.So next time you say I hate my job think of this picture and put yourself in this guys place, and if you are this guy get a new job!