Saturday, October 25, 2008

Strange Day

Posted on/at 7:49 PM by Sparky

Today started out simple, took a drive and went to Michael's craft store, my wife was in need of a few things, was a very pretty afternoon for a drive after the rain stopped. While on our way home my son told us there was a horse at the drive through window of McDonald's? HHMM might be worth a second look, so we drove in the Walmart parking lot and sure enough there was a man on a horse collecting his food at McDonald's drive through window! Sorry about the picture all I had with me was my phone. My next thought was if the horse left them a surprise near the drive through window it may deter a few patrons, I know if I saw a pile of manure in front of the drive through I would question wether someone was upset with the place and dumped it there. I would never guess anyone actually rode a horse there.


Sam Freedom said...

Ha! Caught you visiting my site via iwebtools backlink checker which picked up your link in my Entrecard "most recent" droppers display.

Funny how that works, eh? ;)

Best wishes,