Saturday, February 21, 2009

12 Hour Time MANDRIVA

Posted on/at 9:26 PM by Sparky

I have seen a lot of people who have asked how to change the time on Mandriva 2009
from 24 hour time to 12 hour format. It is pretty simple you just need to know where to look. First off its not as simple as going to the clock itself you must go to system tools/configure desktop/ then Regional & Language. there you will find a tab that lists date and time format and you must change the time format so it looks like this (pH:MM:SS AMPM) Then once you log out and back on your time will now be in a 12 hour format instead of 24 hour. Hope this helps someone.

One new Computer

Posted on/at 3:15 PM by Sparky

I finally have everything needed to put this computer together, This morning I set out to assemble it.

It went pretty smooth without a hitch, I have it up and running now.

It has an AMD Phenom 9500 quad core in it, I do like that.Now all i have to do is fine tune everything straighten wires up and this system is ready to go to work. Well it probably will only play games and surf the internet this system is going to my mom. One other thing, I got some OCZ SLI-ready memory for this build since the motherboard is equiped with SLI (serial presence detect) .

Friday, February 20, 2009

Led Computer Feet

Posted on/at 9:51 AM by Sparky

This is the case from the computer build I am doing, I installed the led feet on it and the fans I got from Xoxide. there is nothing else in the case yet I just wanted to see what it looked like with the lights. the feet give it a cool effect.

I used an old power supply to test the fans and lights out.
Putting a jumper in an old power supply for testing purposes is pretty simple and can be done with any short piece of wire.

Just be sure you jump pins 13 and 14.

Cocoa wanted to be sure everyone knew what a "MOLEX" connector was so here she shows us. Its sort of blurry she was in a hurry.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Computer Mod's

Posted on/at 9:33 AM by Sparky

I am putting together a new computer for someone and the case has the side windows so I wanted to get a wire sleeve kit to keep everything neat (the electrician in me I suppose) I found what I wanted at Xoxide. I also got some other stuff for myself, the order was placed yesterday morning and I got an email this morning with tracking numbers. To my surprise the shipments out for delivery already and its standard delivery. KUDO's to Xoxide for super fast shipping! Yes they are not real far away from me but I had expected at least 2-3 days for shipping.

These feet are the coolest and I cant wait to see them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Win A Laptop

Posted on/at 8:34 AM by Sparky

This is NOT a paid post just something I thought was worth posting.

I received an email the other day with information on this sweepstakes on Tiger Direct.
Thought it was worth sharing with everyone. Here is the winners list to check if you have won.
I know I would be happy to win one of these even though it is one of the small Idea pads.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Posted on/at 1:39 PM by Sparky

Just want to share this with everyone I was in a forum today and ran across this.

Q: Is viruses, trojans and malware a threat to a linux system as in Windows?

A: No, there's a very few viruses to linux and the way a Linux/unix is built up makes it difficult to do any serious damage to the system, in fact I've never heard from people who got their Linux/unix system infected.

Q: So why install a anti-virus application/program?

A: For an ordinary Linux Home user with only one OS system their's no need for Anti-virus, but people who's running network, server or dual booting with win OS this tool can be very handy to scan and delete viruses.

Q: I'm a home user only running Linux do I need it?

A: No, a firewall is way better as protection in that case.

I agree with that for the most part and have cought a few things in my mail but I feel that
Even though LINUX will more than likely NOT become infected you should probably still use Clamav since most of us share files with one another a dormant virus could be on your LINUX system and you decide to share this file with family or friends who use windows and suddenly they are infected. So not only are you protecting yourself you are preventing the virus from doing what it was intended for.