Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another New Service

Posted on/at 9:47 PM by Sparky

Well after a couple of days stringing new triplex and setting a new utility pole we are done with this service. One thing I have noticed and this is only my personal observation, is my workload has picked up over the last few weeks I hope it continues to do so for all of us. I am going to start wiring a new house tommorrow and just last Monday we went and roughed in for the service on another new house.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Driver

Posted on/at 7:38 PM by Sparky

This is what happens when a tractor trailer tries to go where it shouldn't go, yes its job security for me but it sure creates a hectic day.

This happened about 1000 yards from the pole he actually hit this pole actually belonged to the customer and we have to replace it and the service that was on it. The worst part is he was making a U turn(where he shouldn't have been) and hit the guy wire that stabilizes the pole and just kept going or tried to keep going until a witness pulled in front of him preventing him from getting away.

on a good note this pole was a mess and this gives us an opportunity to clean it up and do things right.

I would like to clear a few things up since i got some bitchy comments on here about me putting down truck drivers, I was NOT putting down the truck driving industry yes they supply our nation and our existence by delivering everything we need ,However the person who did this was clearly in the wrong place I myself drive a large truck and you need to watch the height all the time and be sensible about where you try and go. The person who did this tried to RUN, as in LEAVE the scene a passerby pulled across the main road blocking his way. I am glad I got people in a stir that means they read it! and did I mention my father-in-law has been a truck driver for 35+ years so yes I understand their importance.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Punch List

Posted on/at 11:54 AM by Sparky

the other day we had to go up to the old farmhouse to finish up odds and ends {Punch List to be exact} well i had some things to do in the switch gear and I am still amazed this home needs such a large service.

Over the years I have put some large services on homes but never this big. while I was working on it I thought of an old TV show Home Improvement This would have been something Tim the tool man would have done on the show. I would just hate to see {or have}the electric bill from this house.