Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Smell A Rat

Posted on/at 2:30 PM by Sparky

So the mail comes today and low and behold there is AN OFFER YOU CANT REFUSE! The handymans club of America has sent my wife a rather large envelope stating she can get and keep free tools to test for them for only $1 a month. BUT wait there is more you can get their great magazine too and become a lifetime member! Now I wasn't born yesterday (it would be nice to be a few years younger though) but nothing in this lifetime is free. So I went searching the Internet to see who these clowns were. Everything I read about the place spelled SCAM although for a moment I thought how nice a new circular saw or some cool tool would be but then reality my wife smacked me. My guess is they send you some Dollar store item judging from what I read on the one scam page. As for me I only buy brand name tools since I use them on a daily basis with my job and yes it can get expensive but necessary to keep my job. So if anyone gets one of these packets in the mail BEWARE and read up before you do anything.
oh and how do they know she is handy? and shouldn't it be HANDYPERSON? They even gave me a pretty self addressed envelope so I thought I may send them something in return since they took the time to send me something and all.

Up The Trail

Posted on/at 8:21 AM by Sparky

One part of our hiking last week took us on part of the Appalachian trail

We came across this day use shelter on our way through the woods. We saw a lot of wildlife in this area.This deer was not worried about our being there in the least bit.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stupid People

Posted on/at 5:18 PM by Sparky

Last night while me and my wife watched TV one of those (Breaking News) messages came across the screen, the news story isn't the issue here its the idiotic reporters who where trying to question the lady giving the interview on the breaking news. I would really like to know where they get some of these reporters I understand everyone needs a job they are not all bad (the reporters) and some choose that as a career. But last night as we watched a fellow asked the woman a question and she told him she did not have that information and she moved on to the next person so what does that person ask her? THE VERY SAME QUESTION the guy before asked that she said she did not have the information on! what did he think she has esp and magically retrieved the answer from someone who knew in the 5 seconds since she said she did not have the answer? I guess I don't watch enough TV to see what's going on like this since we very seldom watch the news but it seems to me some of the questions they asked this poor woman had no bearing on what news she was trying to give them or they were just plain dumb questions. Wow the gene pool becomes more polluted every day. I guess I will just leave the TV off tonight to keep my blood pressure down.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Posted on/at 2:20 PM by Sparky

We took this while on vacation, It was an incredible view, I would love to have a view like this to wake up to every day. After living in such a populated area for the last 14 years I have forgotten how nice it is to be out in the middle of nowhere. It would be nice to live in an area like this but I wouldn't want to have to drive 2 hours to get to work.