Saturday, January 10, 2009

Electricity Is On

Posted on/at 2:29 PM by Sparky

What a week we had, The other day a freak snow storm blew through the area creating a white out long enough to cause a major wreck on the interstate closing it down a few hours and in turn making driving around here a nightmare. yesterday went a little smoother though we finally got the 1000 amp service going at the old farmhouse. Then of course we had to start removing all of the old overhead wiring from years gone by. We will be a few days getting all of the old stuff cleaned up and of course the weather is not looking good for the beginning of the week.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eagles View

Posted on/at 6:11 PM by Sparky

Here is a photo of two eagles that live nearby. We have seen them many times, they are amazing creatures. There is a nature preserve near our home and this weekend if its not storming I may go up and do some hiking. I was told there was another family of eagles living near there and I would like to see if I can locate their nest and get some photo's of them as well.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Kitchen

Posted on/at 6:09 AM by Sparky

After a few months of working in the old farmhouse it is finally starting to come together. Today we went up and put the finishing touches in the kitchen a few dimmers and a panel for the home audio rack. This was a before picture here.

And this is today. I never dreamed this kitchen was going to look this nice. This is what makes my day. Granted I only did the electrical part and thats only a small percentage of it I still feel proud just being part of the whole process.