Saturday, December 6, 2008

IBM, Ubuntu Unveil Microsoft-Free 'PC'

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As a Linux user this really caught my attention. I am looking forward to following this to see where it leads.

The first offering from Big Blue's anti-Microsoft push relies on a virtual desktop and a mix of open and closed source.

IBM is taking another step forward in its bid to undercut Microsoft's dominance on the PC.

Together with Ubuntu Linux backer Canonical, Big Blue is now rolling out a virtual desktop solution that delivers IBM Lotus software to users.MORE......

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Holidays

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Thank God It's Friday

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Well the weekend didn't get here fast enough for me, This week seemed incredibly long to me for some reason. Yesterday I had to go to a bank I wired last year and pull an extra data line for a computer. Well everything was OK until I went in the server room and saw the mess someone made of the rack I put in last year. If you have every built something you know the proud feeling you get when you are done and you stand back and look at it, well I was very upset when I saw someone had moved everything around and had patch cables strewn about like spaghetti. One thing I cant stand is when someone takes no pride in their job and just throws things together as fast as possible, especially when it involves screwing up something I had originally done. Anyhow when I was done we certified the cable with our Lantek. It is a really neat tool especially if you have a problem with a wire, it can tell you if there is a broken wire or reversed pair, It can even tell you the distance to the break. We certify most all of our cat 5 & 6 now and I am glad we do one reason is if we do a job and someone else comes in and does something to one or our wires we have the data report that says everything was ok when we were done.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eagle's nest

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There is an eagles nest near a job we are doing that a pair of eagles live in. The nest is HUGE, The other day I had my old camera with me and got the lower picture here where the eagle is in the top of the tree, the picture didn't come out real good though. Today I brought my good camera with me but didn't see the eagles but I took a picture of the nest anyhow just to show the shear size of it.It amazes me at the amount of work they have put into their nest. The picture doesn't really do it justice you almost have to see it in real life in order to appreciate it.

here you can see the eagle in the top of the tree above the nest.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hard Days Work

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What a day we had, today we were met with this obstacle directly in our way. If we didnt have the trench 90% done we could have went a different direction, however it was quicker to move this rock than dig about 100 feet of new trench to get around other obstacles. I was very surprised we even got this monster out of our way. The engineer from the power company stopped by today to set up a time for a hook up on our new service. That will pretty much complete the 1000 amp service on the farmhouse.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Back To Work

Posted on/at 4:56 PM by Sparky

Back to work today, we went back to the old farmhouse today and started trenching to get power to last barn we have to update power to. This trench is different though we hit nothing but rock. We have our big trencher today that has a small backhoe on the front, good thing because the trencher only got me about 20 feet then we hit all the rocks.

The only problem with the backhoe is its a slow process and you have all the rocks to try and get out, a few of them were pretty big and I was surprised it even moved them. Our service got inspected too the other day and now we are just waiting for the power company to come and set a new pole for the new transformer.