Sunday, October 19, 2008

Browser Poll

Posted on/at 7:05 PM by Sparky

Over the weekend I was working on my blog page and the FEEDJIT page got my attention. I noticed that out of about 30 visitors the other night 28 were using FireFox and 2 were using Internet explorer. I myself am an avid Linux user, My laptop still has XP for the time being. So I got to thinking I would create this poll for my own interest to see for myself how many people actually use FireFox over IE, I know most people are still using Microsoft products :-( oh well sucks to be you. Before you ask why I said that I will tell you that over the last 6 months I have fixed 3 computers for co-workers and friends that were infected with malware and or virus's yet I can sit here and surf away 99% safer than any windows machine. So take a moment and answer the poll please. Before anyone goes bashing Linux remember if you are using Firefox you are using Open source software so maybe you should give Linux a try. Thats my desktop in the picture thats why I love Linux so much 4 desktops on a cube.


Halliwood said...

I'm posting this comment from firefox on my laptop, but I mainly use Google Chrome (check out my blogs or a writeup about google chrome) now. Still not sure why people use IE. Oh well.