Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vacation For ME

Posted on/at 4:52 PM by Sparky

Well the week of work has come to an end for me, thank god, what a day though my work truck took a crap this morning and we had to drop it off to get it fixed, then transfer all our tools into my personal truck. Of course we only took what we thought we needed , we didn't grab half the stuff we needed though. Oh well they had to bring us material so it all worked out ok.

We worked in this area today under this floor this was a lot of fun since the plumbers and HVAC guys had all their stuff in there but didn't leave us any space for conduit.I will be glad when all the remodeling things are done on this job and the new stuff starts. As for me i am going to enjoy my few days off and ride my 4 wheeler and do no more than i have to.

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