Thursday, August 28, 2008

In The Trenches

Posted on/at 6:11 PM by Sparky

This is a picture of our outdated Ditch Witch that probably should have been buried in a ditch long ago. It has seen way to many trenches and is long past retirement. What was supposed to be a simple 190' trench turned into a three day ordeal in which we became landscapers, mechanics, labourers and electricians.

Here is a good shot of the chain after it decided to try and Chew on itself some, the cutting teeth became lodged into the auger since the thing has so much play in it and it bent the chain. digging bars are great pry bars.

Ah the mountains, almost back home. I love summer but this time of year is nice I especially like it when its cool and brisk in the morning.

Traffic was really light this weekend considering its a holiday weekend. Really only had one hold up from construction.