Monday, August 25, 2008

The things we do

Posted on/at 4:35 PM by Sparky

As under paid electricians we some times have to go to wonderful places like this,

The Gc has killed a lot of snakes on this job already so I was kind of Leary about going down here but we had to run conduits across here. Oh well life is an adventure sometimes you can find cool stuff in places like this.

This is one of the many bathrooms this house has we are rewiring all of them up to code and putting fan lights in,Today we found out they are adding whole house audio and possibly a intercom and camera to the gate at the end off the driveway, more work for us. This job is getting a 40x60 building with an in ground pool that is heated and everything. The service keeps growing and growing. Some day we may see the light at the end of this tunnel.

Here is another shot of the crawl space we had to run conduit in today, I bet a few snakes have been down here before.

Very cool whole house audio system

Anyone needing security cameras

Finally something new an electrician can apreciate, from Thomas & betts