Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting Ready For School

Posted on/at 6:02 PM by Sparky

This was a school we worked in for the best part of the summer, We had to change all the ballast's and re-lamp all the fixtures in two complete schools and one bus garage, it was a total of about 2500 lights in all. The worst part about the ones in the picture is they were a "re lock" system with the plastic quick connectors on top "277 v" but since 1978 they had seen one to many tugs or what have you when ever someone was above the ceiling and many of them had become loose and or shorted out. So we had to cut all of the old connectors off and strip out the BX and put new MC connectors on everything, the good thing was it was only one school like that with 1200 lights but it was very time consuming.