Friday, December 5, 2008

Thank God It's Friday

Posted on/at 6:06 PM by Sparky

Well the weekend didn't get here fast enough for me, This week seemed incredibly long to me for some reason. Yesterday I had to go to a bank I wired last year and pull an extra data line for a computer. Well everything was OK until I went in the server room and saw the mess someone made of the rack I put in last year. If you have every built something you know the proud feeling you get when you are done and you stand back and look at it, well I was very upset when I saw someone had moved everything around and had patch cables strewn about like spaghetti. One thing I cant stand is when someone takes no pride in their job and just throws things together as fast as possible, especially when it involves screwing up something I had originally done. Anyhow when I was done we certified the cable with our Lantek. It is a really neat tool especially if you have a problem with a wire, it can tell you if there is a broken wire or reversed pair, It can even tell you the distance to the break. We certify most all of our cat 5 & 6 now and I am glad we do one reason is if we do a job and someone else comes in and does something to one or our wires we have the data report that says everything was ok when we were done.