Friday, October 17, 2008

Suprise Visitor

Posted on/at 6:22 PM by Sparky

Today we had another unexpected visitor at the old farm house. Just another black snake making his rounds. We are guessing they are coming out due to the fact we put some HID temporary lights in the basement and attic and they give off UV rays and a lot of heat.

They are kind of interesting to watch they can stretch across a large distance and are pretty fast. We have seen about 15 black snakes on this job since we started. We didn't see this one stretched out flat but I am guessing it was about 5 feet long.


tracifish said...

Eeek! So what do you do when you see these snakes? How close did you get to take these photographs?

Drofen said...

Growing up we had a 'pet' bull snake that lived around and about our house (outside mostly.) The thing was huge--over 6 feet long and probably 4" thick in the middle.

And that was the end of all the rattlesnakes on our farm--the bull snake single handedly decimated their population.