Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lost Keys

Posted on/at 5:52 PM by Sparky

Yesterday was a good day but the evening was sort of funny, Back on Saturday I had mentioned home security and how to secure your home. Well yesterday when I got done work I came home just like any other day. Once home I noticed the door was locked, normally my 2 boys would be home before me. So i get my keys and as I go to unlock the door I notice two small dents in the door jamb like that of someone trying to jimmy the door open. I then go in and find everything is in order and just as i had left it in the morning. Now I have some IR cameras outside my house. Time to do the boring task of playing back the dvr. Well to my surprise i didn't take very long to find the culprit. After finding out who did it I waited until my wife was home from work then the fun started. It sort of went like this.... youngest son walks in,
"mom" so did you loose your keys?
"son" HUH?
"mom" DID you loose your keys?
"son" UH well no.
"mom"well whats the 2 marks on the back door where someone tried opening it with a screwdriver?
"son" HUH I didn't do that!
"mom" so why were you messing around with the door?
"son" it wasn't me!
"dad" so did you forget about the CAMERA?

that was about all there was to that story thankfully thats all it was and now I can sit here and laugh about it as everyone at work did today.


Drofen said...

Hahaha, BUSTED.