Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hate Your Job

Posted on/at 2:18 PM by Sparky

I was going through some Cd's today and i came across these pictures from a few years back. I had forgotten about this job and how much i hated it.
I am sure anyone in the construction industry has had a job they couldn't wait until it was over, well that was this job. This was one of those jobs where it seemed the time limits they set were very unrealistic and they would give a weekly status of how far behind we were.

But they never took any of this sort of thing into consideration when they sat behind their pretty desk reviewing what everyone was doing. This was probably one of the messiest jobs I have ever had the misfortune of working on.

This one unit they had set aside for storage (the gc was too cheap for a sea container) so we had to work around all this, the only thing i have to say is thank god its over and i hope i never get another project like this one, makes you kind of appreciate some of the other jobs a little more when you look back on this kind of thing.