Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back To The Grind

Posted on/at 4:49 PM by Sparky

Well when I got to my job site today i noticed the plumber had finished his pipes on Friday and I still have Recess lights to install in this kitchen in this old farmhouse. The old wiring in this picture has to be torn out still at least as much as we can since they are not gutting the whole house.

Then to make matters worse they have leveled the house and put this Girder across the kitchen ceiling so now all the wires have to go down the outside walls and they want to keep as much of the stone exposed as possible.

Thankfully we installed these conduits where the cabinets go so we can get our wires that far. Today we did get a final answer on the size of the service we need to install, we are going to have to put a 1000 amp service in in order to accommodate the pool, heat pumps and outbuildings located on the property.