Sunday, August 31, 2008

Building the Trail

Posted on/at 8:32 AM by Sparky

This is from up on top of the hill after we finally got a few fallen tree's cut out of the way.

This is what it looked like before we broke through. Its been years since we have been able to get past this area without bushwacking trees out of the way.

just went down this morning and saw two deer out there. will try and get some pictures later on.

This is where a lot of the deer are there is a lot of apple tree's in this area. we saw a few turkeys here too. Friday this area was completely covered with growth and we cleared it enough for the trail.

Here is some more apple tree's this is a really nice area.

Since we moved away they have put a whole bunch of these windmills in, they are a whole lot bigger than you think when you are directly under one.

Each 1.5-megawatt induction generator weighs 65 tons. Each has a three-blade rotor on a hollow cylinder. The sleek white windmills overhead, about 330 feet tall, emit a gentle, whooshing noise.