Monday, July 20, 2009

Christmas In July??

Posted on/at 6:03 PM by Sparky

I noticed this puzzling Santa standing near a what appears to be a garden the other day, looks more like a hayfield if you ask me, anyhow it sparked my curiosity as to why it was there? Did whom ever put it there just get lazy and set it down to deal with at a later time or was he left there from last Christmas? or possibly he was put there for a specific reason? I will have to keep an eye on St Nick and see if he stands his ground or moves on. I will have to get a better picture of this also, all the grassy area used to be lawn at one time.


dddiva said...

Hehe we had fun with Christmas in July for WW today on our blog- we have a Christmas Kiki (decorated geeky mommy) ;) Seems to be a theme.