Monday, November 10, 2008

Safty Tips

Posted on/at 6:57 PM by Sparky

The holiday season is almost here and many of us are probably preparing for it. Be safe and be aware of what you are purchasing.

Counterfeit Goods: Not All Products Are What They Appear
Counterfeit electrical products may look just like other decorations we buy, but their similarities
end there. Counterfeits are not made to the same high standards and DO NOT offer the
protection from fire and shock that certified products do.
Buyers should beware of bargains that seem too good to be true. Products may be inexpensive because they are counterfeit or defective.
Avoid no-name products and purchase from reputable retailers.

Look for the UL, CSA or ETL-SEMKO certification marks. Check the warning label. It should be
free of grammatical errors and not conflict with information elsewhere on the package.