Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Of Those Days

Posted on/at 6:30 PM by Sparky

Today seemed like one of those days you wish was a Friday because it goes by so fast. I don't feel like I got anything done today at work, just started a whole bunch of new things but never completed anything really. That would be due to things I have ordered getting put on back order or whatever. Something that really got me mad a few weeks ago was a salesman came to our shop trying to sell a new home networking system they started to carry. Well it just so happened that we needed one on this job so I had them get me one, well one week turned to two and so on well finally our purchasing agent called to see where it was and they had to order it and it was en route they told us. I just think that's bad business to offer something as a wholesaler then not have it in stock or readily available.