Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have a Good Thanksgiving

Posted on/at 5:50 PM by Sparky

well we arrived in NY this morning, thank god most of the snow has melted as it was a little warmer than it has been according to my family. On our way up we had a good laugh it is about 340 miles, well we had some guy fly by us early on this morning, I by no means can say I obey the speed to the exact number usually within 5 MPH or so, well we ran across the guy pretty soon after this while he was waiting for a PA trooper. My wife made some comment on him deserving this due to the fact he was going so fast. We continue on our journey and about 2 hours later ZOOM same guy flies by us yet again, huh must be he didn't learn anything from his earlier experience, well about 10 minutes later there he is yet again on the side of the road with a NY trooper this time. all i have to say is he didn't save himself any time for all the aggravation he got. Drive safe everyone.

The snow is pretty on all the tree's.

Here is a nearby lake.