Monday, November 24, 2008

Freaky Looking

Posted on/at 7:17 PM by Sparky

I received this picture in an email today and my first though was that of a low budget scary movie, kind of like the ones that used to be on Sunday's back in the 70's Eivom i think it was called, movie backwards, but they were always sort of low class movies like the blob and stuff. WOW does that ever make me feel old. Then we got cable just about the time I moved out of the house to take on the world on my own, Huh a thought just hit me, that might have been planned. Now that I am older and wiser It almost reminds me of things me and my wife do. Back to the picture I sure would like to know what all those cats are so interested in?


tahtimbo said...

It does look like one of those low budget horror films. Speaking of which, for a good laugh have you ever seen "Night of the Lepus"?