Sunday, November 2, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

Posted on/at 6:44 AM by Sparky

Well its daylight savings time again that means we get an extra hour today, Maybe now is a good time for you to start getting rid of those old incandescent light bulbs too. For a given light output, compact fluorescent lamps use between one fifth and one third of the power of equivalent incandescent lamps. I myself have changed most of mine and we can see a difference in our electric bill from it. The downfall is the purchase price of an integrated CFL is typically 3 to 10 times greater than that of an equivalent incandescent lamp, yet the extended lifetime and lower energy use will compensate for the higher initial cost.


Shea said...

I heard LED is better, I now have mostly cfl's, what's your opinion?

Electricians Notes said...

the reason I had posted this is just this week a salesman came to our place of business and had some LED bulbs, they are pretty expensive, however they are very bright and last about 20 years according to him.

some of these are not much more than the CFL counterparts.