Saturday, October 11, 2008

Secure Your Home

Posted on/at 8:35 PM by Sparky

Just want to put up a few links with some information on securing your home, With the economy the way it is people will get desperate and that tends to lead to crime. I myself took a computer we don't use anymore and installed a Q-see DVR card. Mine is set up to record any motion.It is also a great idea if you have kids since it lets you monitor what they are doing outdoors. One tip if you decide to install cameras, Should you get IR cameras be sure they are capable of a distance of 30' or more in complete darkness unless you are looking at a confined area.

Tips to secure your home

Great source for security cameras

Home security store

I like the DSC security panels because they are pretty simple to set up and I got the pc interface kit when I ordered mine so I could set it up via a laptop.


fernando said...


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