Monday, October 6, 2008

Mondays Down

Posted on/at 5:13 PM by Sparky

Back to work, what a drag. Well today we started running pipe for the new service and five feeders. I enjoy doing this part more than the actual wire pull but its all got to be done.

This is my preferred method of doing a multi-shot with pvc it seems to work well and its quick. the boss likes quick. I just take a scrap of plywood and draw out common angles so I can set the one board as a fence so to speak and it holds my pipes while they cool. I would rather bend my own pvc instead of using pre-bent 45's and such they tend to make your work look sloppy even if it is getting buried.

hmm and we think we have it bad?
After reading this i had to put it in here.

Man Accuses Maryland Doctor of Stapling Buttocks Shut

Arguments began Monday in a federal lawsuit alleging that a Maryland doctor stapled a man's rectum shut during an operation, rendering him unable to move his bowels for 17 days, the Baltimore Examiner reported.

Ronald Watkins, 64, of West Virginia, has accused Dr. Manuel Casiano, a doctor in Frederick County, Maryland for botching a September 2004 surgery that left him with permanent bowel problems, according to the report................more..


Lola said...

Want a president who won't staple your butt shut? Or screw your life up in other ways?