Thursday, April 2, 2009


Posted on/at 6:55 PM by Sparky

Well this might be considered a good sign to some. He sort of suprised me because I reached up there and its a dark corner of this basement and I felt his cold body, It was then I shined a flashlight up there and spotted him. I think he was just as startled as me. That was the last thing on my mind this early in the year I have never seen them out this time of year. Guess his sleep was cut short maybe from people working in the house. We took him outside and let him go and he slithered down a ground hog hole maybe to continue his sleep.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Electrical License

Posted on/at 4:43 PM by Sparky

This is a good example of why all electricians should have an electrical License, anyone who has ever been in a building that has been restored after a fire will notice this isn't the first time this house has caught fire since the white paint is all over everything in the house.They spray it to kill the smell I am told.

I hate to see a fire because it means a family has been displaced and probably lost everything they owned. I didn't hear anything specific as to an exact location of where this fire started but this was in the worst area of the fire. The on the "FLY" splice is a BIG no no but it doesn't appear to be what started this otherwise it would have melted away.