Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hard Times

Posted on/at 5:17 PM by Sparky

Over the last 15 years working in the electrical trade I have been on a lot of different jobs from residential to commercial and some industrial. Over and over I have heard the same thing from people working in different trades about how the electricians are the ones who make all the money. Now aside from scale work I have a hard time believing that is the case. {I was on a scale paying job a few years back where skilled trades were getting paid more than the job superintendent.} Back to the topic my point is over the last few years we have always found we had extra spending money. Well over the last few months that has all changed with the economy the way it is. By the way I also drive a company truck so I don't have the gas issue my wife does. I sure hope something changes in the near future. It also doesn't help when you have 12 and 14 year old boys that think money grows on the tree out back, gee almost feels like Deja vu here I think I remember hearing my parents say this once upon a time.

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