Thursday, May 13, 2010

lead certification

Posted on/at 7:11 PM by Sparky

 Today I spent almost 9 hours in class for the EPA's new regulations on renovations and lead so that I was Certified. I have been in this trade a long time and I work for a large company. We don't do a lot of work on older homes but I can see this is going to steer us away from working on them and also steer people with older homes away from having work done. If I owned an older home and was told I had to have it tested for lead before any work could be done I would say no way. That information would have to be disclosed should the homeowner ever decide to sell their home and that alone could kill a sale. Not to mention there is an additional cost for all the material and disposal of waste and such that is going to be carried over to the consumer. Now for the best part , what to do with the waste? well my friends it goes the same place or regular trash goes right to the local landfill!!  I am certain we have not heard the last about this law.

Answers about the new lead certification rule from the EPA - Fine Homebuilding

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