Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Driver

Posted on/at 7:38 PM by Sparky

This is what happens when a tractor trailer tries to go where it shouldn't go, yes its job security for me but it sure creates a hectic day.

This happened about 1000 yards from the pole he actually hit this pole actually belonged to the customer and we have to replace it and the service that was on it. The worst part is he was making a U turn(where he shouldn't have been) and hit the guy wire that stabilizes the pole and just kept going or tried to keep going until a witness pulled in front of him preventing him from getting away.

on a good note this pole was a mess and this gives us an opportunity to clean it up and do things right.

I would like to clear a few things up since i got some bitchy comments on here about me putting down truck drivers, I was NOT putting down the truck driving industry yes they supply our nation and our existence by delivering everything we need ,However the person who did this was clearly in the wrong place I myself drive a large truck and you need to watch the height all the time and be sensible about where you try and go. The person who did this tried to RUN, as in LEAVE the scene a passerby pulled across the main road blocking his way. I am glad I got people in a stir that means they read it! and did I mention my father-in-law has been a truck driver for 35+ years so yes I understand their importance.


roentarre said...

Great series of images. The logs do have interesting texture to show

Shinade said...

Just a little tip from a truck driver's wife.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe someone gave him the wrong the directions?

That's usually the case. And when that happens they don't know how much tighter the road ahead is going to get.

So they try their best to correct as soon as possible.

Have you ever tried to find an address with bad directions, on tiny streets, or even major highways, when you are driving a rig that is 80 feet long and may weigh up to 80,000lbs?

Everyone is always so ready to complain truck drivers. But, please stop and think before you do.

Because without is a proven fact that America would shut down completely within 3 days.

No groceries, no fuel, no clothes, no heaters or air conditioners, no farm supplies, no farm equipment, no new lines for electric companies, etc....I think you see where I am going.

Most drivers try their best to avoid any and all accidents. Most likely that driver lost his job.

Please try to be a little more gentle. Driving one of those big rigs is no easy feat.

Blessings and peace my friend!:-)

Shinade said...

By the way as you are an electrician may I ask just how the equipment is hauled in to the companies that you purchase your tools and such from?

Could it possibly be a big truck? They are the back bone of America and they get absolutely no respect for exactly how difficult their jobs are.

I am very proud to be a driver's wife. Oh yes almost all of our military equipment for homeland security and abroad is also hauled by private trucking companies.

Thanks for listening and I hope this gives you a little clearer picture as to how this most likely happened.:-)