Sunday, February 15, 2009


Posted on/at 1:39 PM by Sparky

Just want to share this with everyone I was in a forum today and ran across this.

Q: Is viruses, trojans and malware a threat to a linux system as in Windows?

A: No, there's a very few viruses to linux and the way a Linux/unix is built up makes it difficult to do any serious damage to the system, in fact I've never heard from people who got their Linux/unix system infected.

Q: So why install a anti-virus application/program?

A: For an ordinary Linux Home user with only one OS system their's no need for Anti-virus, but people who's running network, server or dual booting with win OS this tool can be very handy to scan and delete viruses.

Q: I'm a home user only running Linux do I need it?

A: No, a firewall is way better as protection in that case.

I agree with that for the most part and have cought a few things in my mail but I feel that
Even though LINUX will more than likely NOT become infected you should probably still use Clamav since most of us share files with one another a dormant virus could be on your LINUX system and you decide to share this file with family or friends who use windows and suddenly they are infected. So not only are you protecting yourself you are preventing the virus from doing what it was intended for.