Sunday, June 28, 2009

Side Walk Repair

Posted on/at 12:32 PM by Sparky

Yesterday was spent moving part of my side walk that was too close to a tree so that we were able to walk on it once again.over the years the tree had grown up and overtaken our side walk.
I remember putting this side walk in about nine years ago and it was very hot out as was yesterday. Now we can actually use our side walk again.


Mrs Mecomber said...

It looks good! I think I used that same concrete paver mould for my Secret Garden walkway-- from Quikrete, right?

Sparky said...

yes thats what I used and Its very easy to use and clean up.

siteseer said...

Looks good. Wonder if it should have been further so you don't have to do it in another year lol. My hubby actually has to trim the tree since we try to drive a large vehicle out of the driveway between two huge trees.

FishHawk said...

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