Friday, June 19, 2009

Cables & Wires

Posted on/at 5:03 PM by Sparky

This is not a paid post I am just sharing this so others can save a few dollars as well.
We bought a new TV a few months back at best buy and the salesman really tried to get us to buy HDMI cables from them but I knew that the prices they have in the store are outrageous for simple cables, so I declined to get any at the time. I do have a DVI cable connecting my computer to the monitor and that wasn't cheap. I was given this website the other day and I was stunned at the difference in price on some of the HDMI cables. This is a 20 foot one here for $22.00. Some of the places I looked a few weeks ago wanted from $50-$100 for a similar one.They also have everything needed for mounting a flastscreen TV on your wall such as recessed wall plates and such.