Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wrong Place

Posted on/at 4:35 PM by Sparky

OK I am not really sure who exactly is to blame for this but its a big screw up, I also would have thought the carpenter would have said whoa wait a minute there is a pipe in the middle of the door maybe I should call somebody?
I guess someone didn't pay attention on this day, The funny thing is if they had a question about where it went there is 35 of these buildings all identical on the site and one 25' out the back door. Now the plumber that put it in is supposed to jack hammer it up and move it. All I have to say about that is good luck next time put it where it belongs.


CECiL said...

That's why I kept monitoring on the progress in every few hours when my house was under renovation. As a result, I was able to catch this kind of surprises upfront. But the whole renovation was a very tiring one :(