Friday, May 22, 2009

No Green Day At Walmart

Posted on/at 6:52 PM by Sparky

You Won't Find Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown At Wal-Mart

This cracks me up, I hate the big box stores and this just gives me one more reason not to shop there, They wont sell Green Days new album because of a few expletives yet they have a pretty full line of movies that are rated R from what I see. I don't think it will prevent any kids from getting their hands on it all they have to do is go on you tube to hear it, so i really don't see Walmarts point. What would be neat is if Green Day did what Jackyl did when K-mart wouldn't sell their albums, When a K-Mart in Georgia refused to sell Jackyl, the band played an impromptu concert in front of the store.