Thursday, May 14, 2009

Entre Card Wrecks Again

Posted on/at 4:54 PM by Sparky

Well it seems Entre Card has crashed yet again, I noticed my drop box was 0 on both my blogs so I tried dropping on my wife's and back on mine from hers and do not get credit for them either way so it seems that whatever drops we do we are not getting credit for them. I will wait a little while to see if it comes back online or is corrected before i do any dropping.


Lola said...

It seems to be fixed now. They had a server crash and had to restore to a previous point. At least that was the email response I got when I submitted tickets for the problems on my 3 blogs.

Sandy said...

Part of it is working now; though there seem to be a host of other problems.

Lola submitted a ticket...I can't even do that, still under the 400 number of ads purchased. And with things not working, I'm not buying.

your settings only allow the generic google, so leaving you my url

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if my first post was submitted so I am making this one again.. Well, I noticed the last few days that entrecard was acting a bit weird so I wonder why.. When I checked yesterday, it seems it is okay now.. Just like what Lola said, there was just a server crash..