Sunday, January 25, 2009

Glad I Am AN Electrician

Posted on/at 2:33 PM by Sparky

This weekend started out with a trip to home depot, (my wife always has an ulterior motive) anyhow it has turned me from electrician to plumber, carpenter or plain general handyman. I sort feel like Schneider on One Day AT a Time.
I can say I am glad I did not choose plumbing as a job after repairing the toilet in our main bath. It is pretty simple to fix its just the thought of what exactly a toilet is especially this time of year when you have sick kids. Makes me wish I went to college more when I was younger. next time she can call a plumber. Hey if there is any plumbers reading this YOU DON'T GET PAID ENOUGH, ok enough of that I am going to take a shower with some bleach.


tahtimbo said...

I totally agree. When I did maintenance, I preferred the electrical repairs over the plumbing ones.

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

My dad ways great at fixing things but he did not like plumbing. He did have a big snake to clear out a drain and showed me how to use it, but other than that, he said if I ever had a plumbing problem to just call a plumber. That is one job he did NOT like doing.

My electrician said the same thing. He would not want to be a plumber.

Anonymous said...

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