Friday, September 26, 2008

New Service

Posted on/at 5:39 PM by Sparky

Today we started running conduit throughout the basement to feed the new sub panels, it was a big job getting through a wall next to a door considering its an old stone house and the wall was every bit of 24" thick.Building This service makes me think of a motel because of the indoor pool and all the equipment they have.This house sure is a far cry from the cookie cutter homes in some of the nearby developments where they get the bare code requirements and no upgrades.

Now all we need to do is finish up these runs and get the CT cabinet so we can go to work on the service. I am not looking forward to the wire pulls to this point considering they are about 180' and there are three of them but i guess by the time we do the last one it will go easy since we had two others to practice on.