Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday Tune up

Posted on/at 7:46 PM by Sparky

If you didn’t notice I have placed a new Entre card widget in my blog today courtesy of Google Gadgets. It will display the top Entre card droppers of all time with a link to them. It was really simple to set up, in google gadgets they have a bunch of RSS feed readers so I simply took the rss feed from my entre card statistics page and placed the web link into the gadget. On another note my wife stopped to fuel up on her way home from work today and paid $1.76 for gas, what a difference from a few weeks ago. I haven’t personally be effected by the job market and lay offs but some of my fellow employee’s have mentioned that family members have been. I sure hope things pick back up. Well I think the cat has the right idea for tonight since its so cold outside. I had gathered everything up to start a fire in our fireplace and he decided this empty Pepsi box was a nice place to nap, I WAS going to use it to start the fire.