Saturday, October 4, 2008

Get Out Your Codebook

Posted on/at 10:30 AM by Sparky

An easy one,

A feeder protected by 800 ampere fuses is run from one part of a building to another under
the floor in two parallel sets of rigid nonmetallic conduit with size 500 kcmil copper RHW
wires. The minimum size copper equipment grounding conductor permitted to be run in
each conduit is:
A. 4 AWG. C. 2 AWG. E. 1/0 AWG.
B. 3 AWG. D. 1 AWG.

One thing I have noticed is you can not find a decent set of sample electrical questions anywhere on the Internet. I really wish someone would post a sample test or an old test for the benefit of everyone in the trade. In the meantime I will put up questions every now and then. I will update the post later with the correct answer.