Thursday, September 11, 2008

Time For Change

Posted on/at 7:43 PM by Sparky

After working in the electrical field for all these 14 + years I have learned a lot about a lot of different aspects the job, Now what I can say is as with any type of construction where your employee's are in the field they are the ones who make the company money, if you don't take care of them you will loose them.

HIRING THE WRONG UPPER-LEVEL MANAGER CAN COST YOU three times his or her annual salary.

I found that rather intriguing.

Profit sharing is an old tool. It's a favorite for keeping employees on board and at the builder's elbow. But many companies misuse such plans. Instead of creating narrowly focused, performance-based plans for individual employees as a way to encourage good work, they simply offer company-wide profit sharing.