Saturday, August 23, 2008


Posted on/at 9:09 AM by Sparky

I am a Licensed Electrician In West Virginia , I started this blog To inform and or help fellow electricians by describing Unique or unusual circumstances that i come across , Yesterday I started a new Project that Is going to be a lot of fun, its about a 3000 sq Ft farmhouse that's being restored and then is getting an additional 3000 sq FT for a pool and sun room. There is going to be A lot of interesting items in this job, I have wired a Governors house in the past and wired Homes for some very prominent people, as well as A few banks and other interesting things. Old farmhouses pose a problem when the owners don't want to disturb areas inside the home but you need to get wires and things fished in yet most are balloon framed so you can get from the basement or crawl space to the attic without many problems without having top plates in your way. this particular home is that way. Yesterday the GC removed a six foot blacksnake from the kitchen, in this area they are usually present in older homes, the usually will try and get away from you so there isnt much to worry with.