Friday, February 20, 2009

Led Computer Feet

Posted on/at 9:51 AM by Sparky

This is the case from the computer build I am doing, I installed the led feet on it and the fans I got from Xoxide. there is nothing else in the case yet I just wanted to see what it looked like with the lights. the feet give it a cool effect.

I used an old power supply to test the fans and lights out.
Putting a jumper in an old power supply for testing purposes is pretty simple and can be done with any short piece of wire.

Just be sure you jump pins 13 and 14.

Cocoa wanted to be sure everyone knew what a "MOLEX" connector was so here she shows us. Its sort of blurry she was in a hurry.


88dlejrfan88 said...

Instead of all this fancy computer work he could have had at least another one or two of my counters tiled. This is what happens when you leave husbands unattended.

chameleonsdream said...

those feet are totally -wild-. I'm about to start stripping down an old machine to replace the power supply, so I'll be popping back here for inspiration.

Sparky said...

just for everyones information 88dlejrfan88 would be my wife and i have been Working night shift this week. Oh how peaceful the house is during the day while i am home all alone.