Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back To The Old House

Posted on/at 8:56 PM by Sparky

Well it was a good thing we put this conduit in, this panel comes out anyhow but we decided to run conduit to the location in case we had to re feed anything directly here after the new service is built in the basement. One of the other trades had a loader and hit the triplex that feeds this panel and it just so happens this panel is where all the temporary power is fed from for the time being. So with a little quick thinking we came up with a plan and simply used our conduit that runs to the new service location so we could re feed this panel instead of replacing a section of triplex that is getting removed anyhow.I think the guy running the machine was kind of spooked after he hit the triplex with good reason he is damn lucky.

Preventing Injuries When Working with Hydraulic Excavators and Backhoe Loaders

For lines rated 50 kV. or below, minimum clearance between the lines and any part of the crane or load shall be 10 feet;


For lines rated over 50 kV., minimum clearance between the lines and any part of the crane or load shall be 10 feet plus 0.4 inch for each 1 kV. over 50 kV., or twice the length of the line insulator, but never less than 10 feet;


In transit with no load and boom lowered, the equipment clearance shall be a minimum of 4 feet for voltages less than 50 kV., and 10 feet for voltages over 50 kV., up to and including 345 kV., and 16 feet for voltages up to and including 750 kV.


A person shall be designated to observe clearance of the equipment and give timely warning for all operations where it is difficult for the operator to maintain the desired clearance by visual means;



Cage-type boom guards, insulating links, or proximity warning devices may be used on cranes, but the use of such devices shall not alter the requirements of any other regulation of this part even if such device is required by law or regulation;


Any overhead wire shall be considered to be an energized line unless and until the person owning such line or the electrical utility authorities indicate that it is not an energized line and it has been visibly grounded;


Prior to work near transmitter towers where an electrical charge can be induced in the equipment or materials being handled, the transmitter shall be de-energized or tests shall be made to determine if electrical charge is induced on the crane. The following precautions shall be taken when necessary to dissipate induced voltages:


The equipment shall be provided with an electrical ground directly to the upper rotating structure supporting the boom; and


Ground jumper cables shall be attached to materials being handled by boom equipment when electrical charge is induced while working near energized transmitters. Crews shall be provided with nonconductive poles having large alligator clips or other similar protection to attach the ground cable to the load.


Combustible and flammable materials shall be removed from the immediate area prior to operations.

This is what osha has in regards to this sort of situation.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Code Violation

Posted on/at 10:09 PM by Sparky

Hmm anyone see a problem here?This is the kind of thing that really gets me upset, this is the reason we have to take an electrical test and I am glad that we have to I only wish that people who do this kind of thing got caught more often.This circuit isn't GFCI protected its regular EMT and I would bet its probably not grounded properly, NOTE screw connectors, not even a compression connector!

Get ready this is what it will look like soon enough and I can hardly wait. I always loved the fact that it looks so clean after a fresh snowfall especially after looking at dead leaves and brown tree's for a while before it ever snows.

Time For Change

Posted on/at 7:43 PM by Sparky

After working in the electrical field for all these 14 + years I have learned a lot about a lot of different aspects the job, Now what I can say is as with any type of construction where your employee's are in the field they are the ones who make the company money, if you don't take care of them you will loose them.

HIRING THE WRONG UPPER-LEVEL MANAGER CAN COST YOU three times his or her annual salary.

I found that rather intriguing.

Profit sharing is an old tool. It's a favorite for keeping employees on board and at the builder's elbow. But many companies misuse such plans. Instead of creating narrowly focused, performance-based plans for individual employees as a way to encourage good work, they simply offer company-wide profit sharing.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hump Day

Posted on/at 9:16 PM by Sparky

Thank god the weeks is half over.I guess this is the way I feel about this week, Its been a stress full week thus far but now its better, I only hope the rest of it is stress free.

Back to the old house, the kitchens been giving us problems since there is no easy way to get wires from one side to the other since there is a steel "I" beam in the middle of the ceiling and there is no access beneath the floor, One this is this house is going to be exquisite when its finished.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Secrets Of An Old house

Posted on/at 7:54 PM by Sparky

Sometimes I wonder what someone had in mind when they wrote certain things inside old house's, I came across this today I assume it was the stone mason's signature and the date he finished?

This I did not understand though, this person took the meaning of this to his grave. It was in the attic of this house on the side of the chimney, rather interesting.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hate your Job 2

Posted on/at 12:36 PM by Sparky

Last week I received a phone call from another electrical company and they offered me a job, well I went to the interview today and now I am sort of at a crossroads and I need to decide which road to take considering I have been at my present one over 10 years.

Wow I guess i had forgotten what it was like to be looking for a job or being faced with a decision about what job to take. The last time I was in this situation my kids were very young and I knew I was getting the better deal however this time it appears a little more transparent however I know that in time it would be the right decision since its a bigger company with room to advance.
I would just really hate to get burned at this stage in my life.