Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In-flight bathroom emergency leads to felony charge

Posted on/at 5:10 PM by Sparky

It was 30 minutes after takeoff. Joao Correa had to use the bathroom. Right away.
The last meal the Philips Healthcare marketing manager ate at a restaurant in Honduras wasn’t sitting well.


Guess if ya gotta go on a plane you better start taking a doggie do bag with you so you don't end up facing charges.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Entre Card

Posted on/at 11:32 AM by Sparky

well has Entre card been overwhelmed by all the paid ads or did they delete me?

Entrecard application server failed

The server that does the complicated work has not responded in time, this could be due to load, due to an upgrade happening, or something else even weirder. An alert should have been triggered to the admins so they're no doubt trying to deal with it right now, we recommend trying again in 10 minutes.

this is all i am getting for now.

I don't think I am liking this paid ad thing because if one of my regular advertisers has an ad it seems the paid ad over rides my chosen ad and doesn't display it, maybe its time to move away from entre card? will have to wait and see, I only blog for fun and to meet new people and when I joined Entre card there were no paid ads and that's part of the reason I joined however my feelings on the paid ads is that if they really felt they needed to do this maybe they should have thought it through a little better. one possibility would be a separate widget displayed for the paid ad's with the option to display it.

Wow There are a lot of disappointed people (as well as me) with this paid ad thing while doing my drops I have seen a lot of post's about this and some of the comments tell me there are a lot of people who will be looking for traffic elsewhere.