Thursday, August 13, 2009

This is Crazy

Posted on/at 4:40 PM by Sparky

Mom in minivan tasered twice in Salina traffic stop; camera captures deputy's rough roadside arrest

In January, an Onondaga County sheriff's deputy pulled over Audra Harmon, who had two of her kids with her in her minivan. A routine traffic stop escalated quickly.MORE Be sure to watch the video, It looks as if she did nothing wrong also note the charges were dropped, however this changes your whole outlook on driving. I grew up less than 40 miles from here makes me glad I moved if that's how its become up there.

Deputy Tasers Mom In Minivan


FishHawk said...

Well, the police department making the dash cam footage available tells me that they found the incident just as abhorrent as the rest of us should. For it could have gotten "accidentally" erased if they had of wanted to cover it up. Of course, if they released the footage to prove that the cop did nothing wrong, much bigger problems than just having an over-zealous idiot with a badge, gun and taser exist in the department.

By the way, I spent a lot of time up in that area while I was still trucking, and I found most of it quite enjoyable. Hopefully, things haven't changed that much.

The Natural State Hawg said...

Geez, you're right -- that is crazy. How on earth could the cop justify using a taser on someone who clearly was not a threat?

She needs to get a whole lot more than just some dropped charges -- she needs to get a good lawyer to raise some hell. Nothing deters that kind of nonsense like a publicity-attracting civil suit.

The Hawg!